Washington is a must for those interested in history and politics.

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America. The city is the hub of American politics, but offers much more. We show you the highlights in Washington.

  • Travel period: 2 days
  • Best time to travel: April/May/June & September/October
  • Main dish: 20 €


The Airport is located at Dulles, half an hour's drive from the city center.  

Find out in advance how to get to the city. The public transportation network is not well-developed, there are shuttle services into the city. A ride with Uber is a good alternative.


Washington is a rather expensive destination, although not as expensive as New York. The best thing is to book a hotel near the White House, then you can reach many sights on foot if you are fit on your feet. We recommend the Comfort Inn Downtown DC Convention Center *.

Places of interest

The first important tip: There are several bus lines in Washington with which you can travel for free. Look for the word "Circulator" on the bus.

On National Mall is a great place to stroll around and enjoy Washington's most beautiful sights. The route is almost three kilometers long.

The Capitol is the heart of US politics. The entrance is free. Plan on at least two hours for your visit. The security at the entrance is very strict. Make sure you don't bring any unnecessary items.

The White House is the president's center of power. But the building itself is less spectacular than what you see on television. Besides, you're standing pretty far away from the building.

The Washington Monument is the highest obelisk in the world. It was built in honour of the first US President George Washington.


The Lincoln Memorial reminds from the outside of a Greek temple. Inside, President Lincoln sits on a throne. You can see the picture on the 5 dollar bill, by the way. Also impressive is the Korean War Veterans Memorial only a few meters away.

Many museums in Washington are free. The most famous museums are theAir and Space Museum, theNational Museum of Natural Historyand theNational Museum of African American History and Culture.).

Georgetown is a worthwhile district of Washington D.C. Here you will find many nice cafés and restaurants.

Tip: From Washington you can take the express train directly to New York . The trip takes about three hours. If you are traveling even longer in the USA, it is worth making a stop in Philadelphia. We summarized the highlights for you here.


Transport in Washington

As mentioned in the beginning, there are several bus lines in Washington that you can take for free. Look for the word "Circulator" on the bus.

Rental car

With a rental car you can easily explore the surroundings of Washington D.C. individually. Book your car now at the following link:

Washington is much greener than I thought. I especially liked the „memorial hopping“ at the National Mall.
David Siemetzki theTravellers Feedback
USA Travel Expert

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