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Place your brand directly and targeted in the travel planning of our audience. Voluntarily and without restriction by ad blockers the customer consumes your product in our videos. Your brand is credible and inspiring to the consumer. Create attention for cities, hotels, means of transport or travel-related products. Your message will be emotionalized by us and spread by the viewer on the net through sharing, commenting and likeness. Benefit from low spreading losses through a pointed target group. Current data about our users are given on request.

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With us advertising is uncomplicated. We create the content, you deliver the message. Use our scope for your marketing. We offer you space for contributions within our videos with a link in the video description on YouTube. In addition, you will be posted on our successful Instagram Channel. On request we accept blogger trips or become part of your campaign. Advertising tagging is a required condition on our channels.

Our success factors

Our success is based on successful inspiration for travellers and their planning. We report about cities worth seeing all over the world in a high-quality and entertaining way. Our quality standards are as high as our passion for travel. In addition to relevant sights, we always present insides as well as culinary highlights. Through contacts all over the world we get first-hand tips and information. This allows us to be transparent and credible.

We upload our 5-minute videos to the world's largest video platform: YouTube. Our reach is your profit. Each video is uploaded in English and German. We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily to market the travel videos. We rely on Total Video and bring moving images into focus. Besides YouTube, our videos are integrated on various travel websites and used in forums, schools and universities worldwide.

Our target group is more male (68%), 20-35 years young (61%) and lives in German-speaking countries (51%) or in other countries (49%). On-demand devices are computer (40%), mobile phone (30%), tablet (14%) and TV (16%).

Example Story

NBTC Holland Marketing counts on us as travel influencers. The idea is to attract more tourists to cities in Holland and their attractions. For example the Hanseatic cities of Deventer, Zwolle and Harderwijk: after a short coordination about time and program, the concept is ready to be implemented. We film on location, talk to local people, take part in guided tours and let fans participate on our social media channels during our discovery tour. Piece by piece, the 5-minute video will be produced after our stay. Uploaded and distributed on the net, the Hanseatic cities will attract new tourists via the travel video. 

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