Algarve Steilküste

Algarve in 5 minutes

The Algarve is the perfect region for a beach holiday in Portugal. Traditional fishing villages and bizarre rock cliffs, grottos and caves, hidden bays and cyan waters. The southernmost region of Portugal is known for its coastline with multicoloured sandstone cliffs and golden dream beaches. Read more...

Lissabon in 5 Minuten

Lisbon in 5 minutes

Beautiful palaces and artistic parks, wide boulevards and winding alleys, historic shops and extravagant shopping malls, charming squares and an incredible number of viewpoints. In Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, innovation and cultural heritage come together in harmony. Read more...

Porto mit Ponte Dom Luís im Hintergrund

Porto in 5 minutes

A glass of sparkling red port wine, a platter of cheese, a view of the fantastically illuminated Dom Luís I bridge and the port wine cellars, with fado and guitar sounds in the background - that's pure Porto. The beautiful city in the north of Portugal is still an insider tip. Read more...

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